My Vision

From a conventional point of view, furniture serves its purpose when it is designed to be safe, comfortable and functional. However, with every project, it is my vision, to design and build furniture which, as well as having these attributes, also touches the heart and mind.

Whether it be a chair, table, sofa or a bed, furniture is often intimately in touch with our bodies. Hence, the true value of finely crafted furniture is not the space that it occupies in our rooms; it is the passionately crafted place it holds in our minds.

Being a cabinetmaker enables me to see my designs realised and to enjoy the responses of onlookers. Positive feedback from clients has given me the confidence to build a wide range of fine and creative furniture, and to incorporate my passion for different materials and finishes which makes every piece unique.

So, "be touched" and share your room with design furniture from Walt Design.